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We at Performing Arts Workshops have been providing arts-based classes, camps and services for over 30 years, but nothing has shaken the lives of so many of us quite like the COVID-19 pandemic.  With an alarming number of families facing financial and medical hardships, we believe it is our duty as a trusted member of the community to offer any support we can provide in this time of need.

To give back and offer a helping hand, we are thrilled to introduce our new Summer Camp Assistance Grant, available immediately to all qualifying families. This support Grant will allow up to 1,000 families across the country who have been impacted by the pandemic to enroll their children in one week of our Full-Day, Live Online Camp with a sense of relief knowing that half of the entire tuition will be sponsored.

PAW’s Summer Camp GRANT sponsors half of the tuition for one week of our Full Day ONLINE Summer Camp when parents match the remaining $185
See If You Are Eligible for PAW’s Family Grant Aid.

Paw Assistance Grant Eligibility Criteria & Enrollment ID Codes

From the list below, choose the circumstance that has impacted your family
the most over the past year and enter the corresponding ID Code
on your PAW Live Online Summer Camp registration form.

- Loss of Employment Relating To COVID-19:
[ID# Grant-LER-C19]

- Eligible for Government Stimulus Aid:
[ID# Grant-EGSA-C19]

- Receiving Rent/Mortgage Assistance:
[ID# Grant-RRMA-C19]

- Single Parent Family:
[ID# Grant-SPF-C19]

- Receiving Food Stamps:
[ID# Grant-RFS-C19]

- Qualified for School Free Lunch Program:
[ID# Grant-QSFLP-C19]

- Parent or Guardian Directly Impacted By COVID-19:
[ID# Grant-PGDI-C19]

- Receiving Special Assistance/Government Assistance:
[ID# Grant-RSAGA-C19]

- Receiving Personal/Student/Other Loan Deferment:
[ID# Grant-RPSLD-C19]

  • PAW Grants are for one week of our Full-Day camp option and sponsors half of the tuition when the parent matches the remaining $185.
  • The Full Day Grant allows a child to attend up to 3 classes per day (or fewer if they choose) for a full week.   
  • Children must be between the ages of 5-14 at the time of camp attendance.
  • We are offering one Grant to each child in the family for the summer of 2022.
  • Siblings participating on SEPARATE devices, with each requiring their own grant and enrollment form.
  • Siblings participating SHARING a device, may share a single grant with a max of 2 children on the device.
  • PAW Grants cannot be combined with any other PAW discount or gift certificate.
  • Families who are in need of additional support and wish to add camp sessions, can do so utilizing PAW’s Ambassador Scholarship program. Click here for details.
  • PAW Grants are not redeemable for cash / cash value.
  • Camp dates, classes, curriculum, themes and more can be found on our Online Summer Camp page.
  1. Click “Enroll Now”
  2. Select “Online Summer Camps”
  3. Complete the personal information section on the top.
  4. Select the WEEK of camp you are interested in and the “FULL DAY” option. Space is limited, the form will indicate weeks that are no longer available.
  5. In the sibling section, list each child who will be sharing a device, with a max of 2 children per Grant. Please note: our curriculum is designed for children ages 5-7 and 8-14 to be grouped separately and participate in classes tailored to their needs.
  6. Because the Grant is not a discount, when asked to “Check Each Box That Applies To You ~ Receive Your Discount For Siblings Sharing A Single Device” – select the option “Does Not Apply To Me”.
  7. Next, in the “Coupon ID Code / Other Discount” box, type the ID Code from the assistance grant criteria list above that best reflects your circumstances along with a few sentences about how your family has been impacted by the pandemic.
  8. And then, in the billing information section, select “option 2” and include your tuition payment information. Your half of the grant is charged manually once we receive your application and process the ID Code you typed into the Coupon Code box.
  9. Finally, just type your initials in the acknowledgment sections and select “Finalize Enrollment”.

* Children participating on a separate device will each receive their own grant and must each have their own enrollment form submitted.

“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.” – Seneca

Please feel free to share the information regarding these Summer Camp Grants
with your families, friends, and school.  You may also share it on social media or
any parent blogs you may be part of.  We are gifting our Summer Camp Grants for the summer of 2022 on a first come, first serve basis
until they are gone.

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