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PAW’s Online Summer Camp brings our exciting award-winning arts curriculum including Acting Technique, Singing & Vocal Training, Dance, Magic, Spoken Word Poetry, Guitar, Debate For Kids, and Theatrical Makeup to you via Zoom, the most popular online video meeting interface trusted by schools and universities across the nation.

With our groundbreaking Online Summer Camp, our Arts mission is available to even more children across the country as well as to communities that may not otherwise have Arts programs available to them.  By connecting children from different geographic regions, from cities, from rural towns, from the West Coast to the East Coast, we have the privilege of helping to create lifelong connections and friendships that will grow our children’s communities beyond their own neighborhoods.  Online Summer Camp is now a staple in many families’ lives as they attempt to maximize their children’s enrichment experiences while balancing work, school, and family time.

For the Summer of 2022 we are offering 8 one week sessions beginning June 13th through August 5th.  Many of your favorite PAW teachers will be here with us via Zoom teaching curriculum from eight of our student’s all-time favorite musicals.  Each session is Monday thru Friday and you can choose from our “Partial Day” of one workshop per day, “Half Day” of two workshops per day or even our “Full Day” with three workshops per day.  PAW has created a schedule where our campers will be provided screen-time breaks, time for snacks, play & rest periods, lunch and restroom breaks.  We are including group games, social circles and End Of Day Hurrays which will inspire each child, leaving them feeling happier and more connected every day that they participate.

With our daily à la carte class design,
your child can pick their favorites or try them ALL!
Selections For Kids 5-7
For Everyone 🙂
• PLUS Social Circles
• PLUS Chat Sessions
• PLUS Theme Dress Up Days
• PLUS End Of Day Hurray's
Selections For Kids 8-15
Campers get to LOG OFF for Morning Snack/Take 5 & Thrive
Campers get to LOG OFF for Lunch Time/Take 5 & Thrive
* Please Note: All PAW Workshops are in Pacific Standard Time (PST) *
5 After School Acting Class
If you’ve been “bit by the acting bug,” then log on and come learn the craft! This class has something for everyone, first timers and advancing performers alike. Let your imagination run wild as you discover the joys of acting through improv, speech & dialects, theater games, technique for actors, acting for the camera, and physical comedy. In every exciting week you will have the opportunity to bring your favorite characters to life performing scenes from one of eight beloved musicals being offered this summer. Here at PAW we foster a “creative state” with which students are empowered to realize their personal and artistic potential. This summer you can make friends and lifelong memories right from home!
Schedule Options:
Taught by Ms. Jessica
Early Morning Session: Log on time 9:00am…Class Time 9:15am to 10:15am
Fun is the name of the game in this acting class designed for kids ages 5-7. In each workshop students will enjoy a truly well-rounded cross-section of the Arts, including: Theater Games, Improv, Creative Movement, Fairytale Theater, and bring to life their favorite characters using selections from our weekly themes in Dramatic Play. Set in the context of the Arts, children will further develop life skills such as creative thinking, verbal and diction skills, working in cooperation, following instruction, sharing, taking turns, developing self-esteem and confidence. Young Actors class offers a unique process which encourages shy children to come out of their shells and leads more outgoing children to the next level of self-expression.
Schedule Options: (This class is not available during week 6 or 7)
Taught by Ms. Natasha
Mid-Morning Session: Log on time 10:45am…Class Time 11:00am to 12:00pm
ROCK IT . . . POP IT . . . FEEL IT . . . SING IT!
Experience the joys of singing and discover the vocal artist in you! In this workshop beginning and advancing singers alike will learn proper singing technique, vocal warm-ups, breath control, pitch, phrasing for singers, and song interpretation. Emphasis will be placed on fun, showmanship, and music that everyone can enjoy while working on singing techniques to last a lifetime. Want to be on Broadway? Take your first steps here, with a special emphasis on musical theater style singing technique. In each week you will have the opportunity to work on and learn songs from one of eight different musicals. Each PAW teacher has extensive experience working with young singers and bring with them the latest techniques and methods which keep music engaging, fresh and fun!
Schedule Options:
Taught by Ms. Jessica
Mid-Morning Session: Log on time 10:45am…Class Time 11:00am to 12:00pm
Watch your child’s joy come to life while they experience the freedom and expression of song. Your little Broadway Star will learn to love music and singing as they enjoy performing vocal warm-ups, practice correct breathing, how to hold out notes and phrases, how to sing vowels, and the difference between head and chest voices, to name just a few. Each week will have a special emphasis placed on musical theater style singing technique while they learn songs from one of the eight different musical themes we are offering this year. The focus is placed on the fun of learning singing techniques and building a solid foundation that will last a lifetime.
Schedule Options: (This class is not available during week 6 or 7)
Taught by Ms. Natasha
Early Morning Session: Log on time 9:00am…Class Time 9:15am to 10:15pm
Through the art of dance PAW inspires kids, and helps make them feel happier and healthier. This workshop offers an exciting and energizing fusion of the most popular dance styles today including Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical and Theatrical. This dance class really moves!! We include the traditions of stretch, balance, alignment, technique, fun, and the freedom the art of choreography gives you. Each week will have a special emphasis placed on dance that tells a story utilizing Musical Theater style dance from one of the eight different musical themes we are offering this year. Our students will improve their strength, coordination, grace, flexibility and agility all while boosting confidence and self-esteem. Perfect for beginners and advancing dancers alike.
Schedule Options:
Taught by Ms. Cynthia
Mid-Morning Session: Log on time 10:45am…Class Time 11:00am to 12:00pm
Taught by Ms. Kelly
Afternoon Session: Log on time 1:15pm…Class Time 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Dance is a wonderful artistic outlet that not only utilizes creativity but also teaches discipline. This uber fun fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz, and Theatrical gets kids dancing to the most popular music that will have them dancing like a Pop-Star & ready to perform for friends and family at home. Our students learn easy-to-follow routines to develop coordination, agility, confidence, focus and memory all the while having a blast. Each week will have a special emphasis placed on dance that tells a story utilizing Musical Theater style dance from one of the eight different musical themes we are offering this year. Our instructor will help your kids develop physical fitness, confidence, expression, connection, and growth in our Young Dancers Workshop.
Schedule Options:
Taught by Ms. Cynthia
Afternoon Session:
Log on time 1:15pm…Class Time 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Do you have rock and roll dreams? Here’s your chance to learn how to play the acoustic guitar! Whether you’ve ever picked up a guitar or if you already have mad skills, our group guitar workshop has something for you. Students will learn the basics of chords, tabs, picking, strumming, and music theory – the first steps into the musical journey of a lifetime.
Perform Rock, Pop, Blues & Classical, and even experience the joy of the creative process by learning how to write and perform an original song. Each Guitar Camp session is one week in length with 8 sessions available giving you the option to check it out for one week or come back for more and advance through practice. As you progress, you will learn the finer points as you gain mastery of your instrument. Make your mark on the music scene by starting with home concerts for your family to enjoy! You never know where the journey could take you. Just imagine, someday playing your guitar at the Hollywood Bowl, scoring a live production of a famous American musical or playing in a rock band at the House of Blues!
Students must provide their own acoustic guitar.
Schedule Options:
Taught by Mr. Kelvin
Early Morning Session: Log on time 9:00am…Class Time 9:15am to 10:15am
Mid-Morning Session: Log on time 10:45am…Class Time 11:00am to 12:00pm
3 - Jr Counselor
Welcome to the ultimate artistic form of expression and discover the power of the voice! Spoken Word is a way of allowing your audience to hear and feel poetry in the most memorable and dramatic way. Slam poetry, open mics, and dramatic monologues are often where Performance Poetry is delivered. Our campers will learn how to create and express their poetry in a way that is memorable, moving, and impactful! They will learn how to deliver and perform poetry through projection, annunciation and rhythm. Drawing inspiration from memories, topics they are passionate about, and even from personal experiences, our poets will write and compose their own poems and have the opportunity to deliver them aloud as a performance piece.
This workshop will take your child’s expression and passion to another level while working on their public speaking skills, presentation and expanding on self-awareness. Along this journey they will also learn about memorization, rhyming, storytelling, articulation, directness while engaging their audience and giving their own written word a voice!
Schedule Options: (Not available during week 6 & 7)
Taught by Ms. Natasha
Afternoon Session: Log on time 1:15pm…Class Time 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Let your imagination run wild as you explore the science and artistry of Theatrical and Fashion Makeup! Cosmetics will be your paint and the human form will be your canvas. Each one-week session of camp (for ages 9-15) is a fun hands-on exploration into the world of Theatrical and Fashion Makeup. Students will be taught the fundamentals of makeup, including: safety, sanitation and hygiene, color theory & coordination, highlights, shading, study of face shapes and bone structure and apply them to our makeup genres which include: Movie Makeup, Theatrical and Aging, Character Makeup, Pop Art, Commercial, High Fashion, Glamour, Fantasy, and Dia de los Muertos Makeup.
We have created a curriculum that is awesome and can be accomplished with things you may already have at home or can get easily. Your child will need:
Powder or cream foundation, blush, several shades of powder or cream eye shadows, eyeliner, lip stick and lip gloss, lip liner, eyebrow pencil, and mascara (all make-up colors are based on your complexion and colors you enjoy). They will also need application brushes, blending sponges, makeup remover and a simple tabletop mirror. Optional items can include makeup glitter, concealer, bronzer and special Makeup Color Wheels of your choice. The instructor may add to this list with additional items found at home, as needed. Children should prep their workshop space prior to class by laying down a plastic table covering and have paper towels and wet wipes available. This camp workshop is not recommended for children with skin allergies and/or skin conditions.
Schedule Options:
Taught by: Mr. Jake
Mid-Morning Session: Log on time 10:45am…Class Time 11:00am to 12:00pm
Afternoon Session: Log on time 1:15pm…Class Time 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Magic is theatrical high art. In PAW’s Magic Workshop, kids are given the chance to peek behind the curtain and peer into the top hat. After taking the magician’s oath, our campers will be taught by master magicians straight from . . . The World Famous MAGIC CASTLE . . . on varied aspects of the craft. Designed for beginning & experienced students alike, kids are able to work at their own skill level. Each day of camp will include additional tricks to try, with our students learning, developing and perfecting the various elements that will become part of their act.
Students begin with the foundation of the magician’s craft, learning about sleight of hand, redirection, hand and finger exercises, flourishes and magic theory. From there, our campers will progress to the mainstays of the magician’s repertoire, such as card tricks, the classic cups and balls, coin tricks, rope tricks, and more. And just as importantly, our campers will be taught how to fine tune their tricks into a polished presentation that they can share at home or online with their friends. Children can also stay on for multiple sessions of the Magic Workshop and expand their “act” along with their skills. The mastery of magic offers its practitioners a number of benefits, including the development of confidence and self-esteem, hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, multitasking thoughts & actions, fine motor skills, manual dexterity, and so much more!
Basics of Magic
Card Tricks / Coin Tricks
Close-Up Magic Technique
Showmanship / Creating a Character / Presentation
Flourishes and Object Manipulation
Sleight of Hand & Redirection
Perfecting Your Routine
We have created a curriculum that is awesome and can be performed with things kids already have at home.

YOUR CHILD WILL NEED: a plastic stick or wand, deck of traditional playing cards, plastic cups (red or blue “solo cups”), several cotton balls, small cotton or silk handkerchief, writing pad or paper, writing utensils, colored paper, envelopes, & 4 quarters. The instructor may add to this list with additional items found at home, as needed.

Schedule Options:
Taught by Mr. Omar
Early Morning Session: Log on time 9:00am…Class Time 9:15am to 10:15am
Mid-Morning Session: Log on time 10:45am…Class Time 11:00am to 12:00pm
Afternoon Session: Log on time 1:15pm…Class Time 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Make Friends, Make Memories, Make Magic!
Should children be allowed to have cell phones in schools? Should wearing helmets be mandatory when bike riding? Are video games beneficial or harmful? Is protecting wildlife important? Is access to clean water a right or a privilege? Is it better to adopt or shop for your pet? Which is better: the Harry Potter books or movies? These are just some of the issues and questions that kids ponder every day. You have an opinion, but how do you prove that your opinion is the better opinion? In this summer camp workshop, kids will delve into a world of wordcraft where they will learn how to “find their voice” and empower themselves.
Working off of a foundation of voice, speech, and diction, campers will go on a journey through a variety of age-appropriate and relevant debate topics. Using debate and group discussions, we teach students the art of organizing and articulating ideas, structuring and supporting arguments, listening and countering, and more, in a fun, safe, and non-competitive environment. This unique summer camp experience equips kids to share their perspectives and debate with confidence, empathy, respect, and conviction. They will learn how to take the information they are absorbing, determine credibility, read between the lines, analyze it, and then learn how to form and express their own opinions.
Campers will focus on developing their skills under common debate categories including: Delivery, Courtesy, Appropriate Tone, Organization, Logic, Support, Cross Examination, and Refutation. They will learn how to structure arguments, find credible evidence, roadmap their points, ask cross examination questions, and consider opposing arguments. They will also walk away with skills in active listening, collaboration, public speaking, leadership, critical thinking, and civic mindedness.
Words and ideas can change the world!
Schedule Options: (Not available during weeks 1 & 2)
We are proud to announce that during weeks 1 & 2 of camp, Ms. Shaindi will be participating in the National Debate Competition hosted by NSDA.
Go Ms. Shaindi!!!!
Taught by Ms. Shaindi
Early Morning Session: Log on time 9:00am…Class Time 9:15am to 10:15am
Mid-Morning Session: Log on time 10:45am…Class Time 11:00am to 12:00pm
5-7 Year Old Campers
To maintain a sense of community for campers between the ages of 5-7, we offer a prearranged day of singing in the early morning class, followed by acting in the mid-morning class and end with an exciting dance class in the afternoon.

Throughout the course of each week, our young campers will enjoy the opportunity to get to know each other and make new friends...laughing, playing and learning together!

An adult must be present in the room for children ages 5-7.
8-14 Year Old Campers
Campers between the ages of 8-14 can truly à la carte their camp experience! Every PAW workshop is designed as a mini “master class”, allowing campers to structure each day to suite their unique interests. Your child can select to follow a set series of workshops each day, to sample classes they have never tried but have always been curious about, or to advance by following their favorite workshop and enjoy the next curriculum offered by that teacher. Our camp is intentionally designed to encourage & empower our campers by providing the ultimate arts experience they can have!
An adult must be present in the home for children ages 8-14.

Parent Review of PAW’s Online Summer Camp Authored By: Kristine, PAW Mom, Camper Age 8

PAW’s summer camp has been a savior for our family this summer. Not having in person camp seemed like such a barrier to our daughter enjoying her summer break, but PAW was able to make zoom camp a success (and gave her parents some time to work). My daughter, Frankie participated in two weeks of camp in June. She especially loved the Theater Games and Improv camp with Ms. Kristy.

Ms. Kristy created interesting games and fun activities for the campers. Initially, Frankie was a little shy engaging with other campers through zoom, but Ms. Kristy’s ice breakers and enthusiasm helped Frankie quickly warm up. By the end of the week, Frankie was eagerly waiting to log on and she loved being assigned an acting role in the mini scenes created by her fellow campers.  After the session was over, Frankie would play some of the games she learned with her family at home.  Thank you PAW for creating this memorable experience!

Summer In December (Sign up by Dec. 31st) Discount ~ 25% OFF
Early Bird Discount (Sign up by Feb. 28th) Discount ~ 20% OFF
Extend the Fun Discount (Multiple Sessions Sign-Up) ~ 15% OFF
Loyalty (Returning Student) Discount ~ 10% OFF
Sibling Discount (When Sharing One Device) ~ We offer HALF OFF tuition for the second child when participating on the same device and a third sibling may participate on the same device for FREE. 
Sibling Discount (When Using Separate Devices) ~ Our sibling discount is 10% OFF when each child participates on their own device.
1st Time Camper (Give PAW a Try) ~ $25 Camp Dollars OFF Tuition
Camp discounts, gift certificates, or coupons may be enjoyed but not combined.
Enjoy a
When you enroll sharing a device with friends

Enroll for Camp as a small friend group or “CAMP POD” and share an amazing group rate that can be split between you which is equal to the second child receiving HALF OFF their tuition and the third child attending for FREE!    (Max of 3 children sharing the one device).

The main advantages of enrolling in PAW’s Summer Camp as a POD include;

  • The ability to enjoy camp activities right from the comfort of home.
  • The emotional well-being children feel when sharing & enjoying their camp experience together.
  • The opportunity for parents to work while taking turns providing child supervision with familiar trusted parents.
  • The ability to share the tuition discount for summer camp through PAW’s special POD RATE with up to 3 friends attending sharing one device.

    When signing up as a CAMP POD, one chosen parent will register for the group with a single enrollment and tuition payment. The families in the Pod will independently divide the discount. It is the mission of PAW to ensure school aged children continue to receive the educational benefits the arts have to offer, to grow as individuals, and discover the joy of participating in fun and enriching activities on Zoom.

Camper Review of PAW’s Online Summer Camp 2020…Authored By: Meredith, Age 12

When I found out I wouldn’t be physically going to PAW this summer, I was devastated. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like without seeing my friends in person and all my wonderful teachers. After finding out PAW was doing online classes each week, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. On my first day doing it, I had a lot of fun. I did acting and theater games with Ms. Kristy, who I never met before, and had a great time. We did some of my favorite improv games, and although I met Ms. Kristy for the first time, I felt as if I knew her my whole life. I went to that class every day until Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday, I visited Ms. Haley for singing. I knew Ms. Haley, for she was at the location I went to for the last three summers. She greeted me with a warm welcome when I joined and it was so great to see her and all my other friends in the class. We did vocal warm-ups that I couldn’t forget from the year before and got right into songs from Frozen. We were each assigned a solo from the songs we worked on and after we listened to it once and ran through it once with the lyrics, we performed it without the lyrics a cappella. I had so much fun singing and talking with my old friends and we got to watch videos from our shows we performed the year before and talked about old memories. On Friday, Ms. Haley’s class did a talent show and I enjoyed watching other’s talents. They are all so talented!

I came back for the week of Cats and did the theater games with Ms. Kristy again. I got so many opportunities to participate in their games and skits. On Thursday, I decided to try something new and joined the LOL comedy class with Mr. Jace. I learned so much about how to perform a good joke and what to do when improvising. He was an incredible teacher that gave me skills that I could eventually use in the future. On Friday I joined Ms. Haley’s class again for the talent show. After we got through everyone’s talents, we got to talk about old memories at PAW and play games. It was so great to talk with everyone! I can’t wait to come back next week for another incredible time and I hope I will get to see everyone again! Coming to this online camp each week was truly a breath of fresh air in these unpredictable times.

So Join PAW Online…where it’s Part Art, Part Play and ALL FUN!


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