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The summer of 2020 has shown that when children participate in interactive Zoom classes in the Arts it energizes and excites them for online learning, setting them up for academic success! It may seem counter intuitive, but when children are given the chance to participate in fun and uplifting activities through Zoom, it re-energizes them and opens their minds up to learning the important lessons and topics of school on a similar platform and actually counters Zoom Fatigue. Fun Saturday Zoom classes are the perfect way to help your child recharge each week with an activity that they are passionate about and that helps them to connect with others and express themselves in a healthy and creative way.

At this time when we cannot socialize face to face, it becomes more important than ever to create special opportunities for children to feel normal, to do things that help make them feel happy, provide them with healthy outlets, and to socialize online with other children in a safe, well-structured educational environment. PAW is committed to making your child’s Saturday fun, memorable and special through our diverse catalogue of Arts workshops on Zoom!

Parent Review of PAW’s Online Workshops Authored By: Cindy, PAW Mom, Camper Age 9

My daughter is thoroughly enjoying the virtual programming you guys are offering. I honestly haven’t seen her enjoy something over Zoom this much! Thank you so much for bringing so much joy into a difficult time!


Fun is the name of the game in Mommy & Me Fairytale Theater, an acting class designed just for 3-5 year olds and a special adult in their life! In this warm, nurturing environment, you and your little star will enjoy a truly well-rounded cross-section of the Arts, including: Dramatic Play, Music, Voice & Singing, Creative Movement, Fairytale Theater, and more. Set in the context of the Arts, children will further develop life skills such as creative thinking, verbal and diction skills, working in cooperation, following instructions, sharing, taking turns, and developing self-esteem and confidence. You and your little one sharing this valuable time exploring the arts together will create an even stronger bond between you, provide you with lasting memories, and give you something fun and interactive to look forward to each week! Additionally, the unique structure and process of Mommy & Me Fairytale Theater will encourage shy children to come out of their shells and lead outgoing children to the next level of self-expression.

All classes are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time. 
Class Options: 

Saturdays     9:30am-10:30am (PST)    Ms. Arielle

Join us on Zoom for a vocalist’s adventure into the beloved modern musical classic, “Little Shop of Horrors.” There’s something for everyone from beginners and advancing performers alike!

In Musical Theater, songs aren’t just meant to be sung – they’re meant to be performed! Come join us and learn to perform your favorite songs from the hit show! The songs of Little Shop of Horrors encompass a variety of sounds, genres, and singing styles that are both fun to sing and challenging to perform. Students will learn the fundamentals of voice technique as they are immersed in the finer points of the singer’s craft. Techniques in song phrasing, pitch, breath control, posture, and how to “act” a song are just some of the skills our young singers will walk away with. Experience the joys of the arts and re-connect with old friends and even make new friends by making art together. Now, plant your feet, warm up that voice, your virtual stage awaits!

All classes are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time. 
Class Options: 

Saturdays       9:30am-10:30am (PST)    Ms. Haley

class-singing cropped

Awaken your inner artist and take center stage in our virtual Opera class. Happy harmonies, amazing arias and marquee melodies are the name of the game in PAW’s Opera class. This class is open to students ages 9 – 15 and is for beginning to advanced singers alike. We make this highly esteemed art form fun and inviting by introducing your children to a positive and immersive Opera experience.

The songs will be the foundation on which our students will experience the joys of music while learning proper vocal technique, breath control, projection, sight singing, music theory and history, ear training, musical teaching games and more! As our students learn the fundamentals and finer points of singing technique, they will have the opportunity to put theory into practice by singing arias from opera classics and contemporary pieces and discover what it truly means to perform a song. While the development of beautiful sound is the goal of our Opera class, it is the fun our singers have and the skills they take away which is the true centerpiece of our class.

All classes are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time. 
Class Options: 

Saturdays       11:00am-12:00pm (PST)    Ms. Arielle

Kids are beaming with creativity and ideas! In our Songwriting class, they will learn how to channel that energy to create songs expressing their thoughts and feelings. Our songwriters will learn music appreciation and theory and will fuse that with storytelling to create original works of art. In PAW’s Songwriting class, they will learn the fundamentals of what goes into a song, how to structure a song, song ideas and inspiration, coming up with the lyrics, editing and re-writing, and creating a melody. In addition to walking away with their own original songs, students will develop critical thinking skills, Language Arts skills, creativity and creative writing skills that will benefit them in school and beyond! Songwriting is an incredible creative outlet that empowers kids to express themselves and connects them with others no matter where they may be!

All classes are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time. 
Class Options: 

Saturdays     11:00am-12:00pm (PST)    Ms. Haley

Make ‘em laugh! PAW’s LOL Workshop is the place for aspiring young comics to hone their skills and learn the finer points of the comedian’s craft. LOL is designed for novices and experienced performers alike. Using age-appropriate material and concepts, students will make each other laugh while learning the techniques and tools of comic improvisation. Beginning with voice, speech, and diction, students will be immersed in the fundamentals of improv, joke structure, sketch writing, storytelling, and creating characters, developing an on-stage persona, stage presence, joke delivery, the craft of physical comedy and performance. This unique process will help to improve each student’s public speaking abilities, social skills, and self-esteem. By the end of the Winter Term each child will have a short “set” to perform at home for their family! Join the open mic…make friends…make memories…and make ’em laugh!

All classes are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time.  
Class Options: 

Class Day & Time Will Be Posted Soon  ~ Mr. Jace

Do you have rock and roll dreams? Here’s your chance to become a real guitar hero and play the acoustic or electric guitar! Whether you’ve ever picked up a guitar or if you already have mad skills, our group guitar class is designed to work with each student at their own skill level. Learn the basics of chords, tabs, picking, strumming, and music theory – the first steps into the musical journey of a lifetime. Perform Rock, Pop, Blues & Classical, and even experience the gratification of the creative process by learning how to write and perform an original song. We support our guitar students and promote their advancement with sessions offered all year long giving each PAW student the chance to progress, learn the finer points and gain mastery of their instrument.

Make your mark on the music scene by starting with home concerts for your family to enjoy! You never know where the journey could take you. Just imagine, someday playing your guitar at the Hollywood Bowl, scoring a live production of a famous American musical or playing in a rock band at the House of Blues!

Students must provide their own acoustic or electric guitar.

All classes are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time.
Class Options: 

Saturdays    10:30am-11:30am (PST)    Mr. Alan

Let’s play the Ukulele! Wonderfully versatile, affordable and easy to take anywhere you go, the Ukulele is a terrific instrument to begin the musical adventure of a lifetime. This class has something for everyone, beginners and intermediate performers alike. Whether it’s the first instrument you pick up or if you already play guitar and want the challenge of adding some “island flavor” to your musical repertoire, the Ukulele is the instrument for you! Perform pop, rock, traditional, create your own original songs, and learn the art of improvisation. Each Ukulele term is eight weeks in length with Fall, Winter and Spring Terms available giving you the option to check it out or come back for more and advance through practice. As you progress, you will learn the finer points as you gain mastery of your instrument. Students will learn the basics of chords, tabs, picking, strumming, basic music theory, and play songs, as they build upon their skills, make friends, and best of all, make music! Students must provide their own ukulele.

I Kulele, We-Kulele, Let’s All Ukulele!

All classes are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time.
Class Options: 

Saturdays        9:00am-10:00am (PST)    Mr. Alan

Bringing your child’s Performing Arts Experience into the comfort and safety of your own home!

Parent Review of PAW’s Online Workshops Authored By: Alana, PAW Mom, Camper Age 10

My daughter Molly has LOVED debate — I think this experience has really given her a taste of ‘speech and debate’ for the future- maybe for middle school and high school! She’s really loved it and it’s been a great option for her. It’s made it difficult for her to choose between voice, acting with Kelly, and speech with Shaindi!

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Parent Review of PAW’s Online Workshops Authored By: Kristine, PAW Mom, Camper Age 8

PAW’s workshops have been a savior for our family this summer. Not having in person workshops seemed like such a barrier to our daughter enjoying her summer break, but PAW was able to make Zoom workshops a success (and gave her parents some time to work). My daughter, Frankie participated in two weeks of workshops in June. She especially loved the Theater Games and Improv workshop with Ms. Kristy.

Ms. Kristy created interesting games and fun activities for the kids. Initially, Frankie was a little shy engaging with other kids through Zoom, but Ms. Kristy’s ice breakers and enthusiasm helped Frankie quickly warm up. By the end of the week, Frankie was eagerly waiting to log on and she loved being assigned an acting role in the mini scenes created by her fellow campers.  After the session was over, Frankie would play some of the games she learned with her family at home.  Thank you PAW for creating this memorable experience!

In Home Supervision
An adult must participate in mommy & me classes with children ages 3-5.

An adult must be present in the room while children ages 5-7 participate in classes.

An adult must be present in the home while children ages 8-14 participate in classes.

Classes are NOT held on national holidays!
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Tuition for a SINGLE 8 Week Course Selection ~ $128
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We offer HALF OFF tuition for the second child when participating on the Same Device and a third sibling may participate on the Same Device for FREE. Our sibling discount in 10% OFF when each child participates on their own device.
All course selections have a minimum enrollment of 3 students to run with a class maximum of 18.

All GUITAR course selections have a minimum enrollment of 3 students to run with a class maximum of 10.

Parent Review of PAW’s Online Workshops Authored By: Julieta, PAW Mom, Campers Age 8

I can’t thank you enough, to Sam and to each of Julie’s teachers, Mr. Kelvin, Ms. Kelly and Ms. Natasha. They were really fun and amazing! Julie connected with them in a beautiful way and I can’t thank you enough for all the effort and dedication to the children, who are having to learn and grow up in a very different and challenging way.


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