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The summer of 2020 has shown that when children participate in interactive Zoom classes in the Arts it energizes and excites them for online learning, setting them up for academic success! It may seem counter intuitive, but when children are given the chance to participate in fun and uplifting activities through Zoom, it re-energizes them and opens their minds up to learning the important lessons and topics of school on a similar platform and actually counters Zoom Fatigue. Fun After School Zoom classes are the perfect way to help your child recharge each day with an activity that they are passionate about and that helps them to connect with others and express themselves in a healthy and creative way.

At this time when we cannot socialize face to face, it becomes more important than ever to create opportunities for children to feel normal, to do things that help make them feel happy, provide them with healthy outlets, and to socialize online with other children in a safe, well-structured educational environment. With school starting back up on Zoom this year, PAW’s After School Program is following suit giving us the opportunity to provide children with a more diverse catalogue of Arts workshops!

Parent Review of PAW’s Online Workshops Authored By: Cindy, PAW Mom, Camper Age 9

My daughter is thoroughly enjoying the virtual programming you guys are offering. I honestly haven’t seen her enjoy something over Zoom this much! Thank you so much for bringing so much joy into a difficult time!

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acting 3

Fun is the name of the game in this acting class designed for kids ages 5-7. In each workshop students will enjoy a truly well-rounded cross-section of the Arts, including: Theater Games, Improv, Creative Movement, and bring to life their favorite characters using select scenes from beloved musicals and shows in Dramatic Play. Set in the context of the Arts, children will further develop life skills such as creative thinking, verbal and diction skills, working in cooperation, following instructions, sharing, taking turns, developing self-esteem and confidence. PAW’s Young Actors’ Workshop offers a unique process which encourages shy children to come out of their shells and leads more outgoing children to the next level of self-expression.

All classes are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time.
Class Options: 

Wednesdays    3:00pm-4:00pm (PST)     Ms. Angela

If you’ve been “bit by the acting bug,” then log on and come learn the craft! This class has something for everyone, first timers and advancing performers alike. Let your imagination run wild as you discover the joys of acting through improv, speech & dialects, theater games, technique for actors, acting for the camera, and physical comedy. In every exciting week you will have the opportunity to bring to life beloved characters from your favorite plays and musicals. From Hamlet to Harry Potter, all the world is your stage! Here at PAW we foster a “creative state” with which students are empowered to realize their personal and artistic potential. You may be at home this winter, but you can still make friends and lifelong memories!

All classes are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time.
Class Options: 

Mondays          3:00pm-4:00pm (PST)     Ms. Angela

I’ve got spirit! Yes, I do! I’ve got spirit! How ‘bout you? Part Dance…Part Sports…PAW’s Cheerleading Dance class is an amazing blend of dance and Cheer technique. The class teaches the structure of Cheer Choreography, Cheer Jumps, Turns, Cheer Kicks, Cheer Arm Executions, Flexibility, Hip-Hop & Pom Style Dance Routines, Synchronized Movement, Voice Projection and Team building.  Whether it’s your first time cheering or you’ve been cheering for years, this class is for you! Our Cheer Dance instructor will keep dancers (ages 8-14) motivated with exciting music and routines while they improve strength, coordination, and flexibility, and boost their confidence and self-esteem. Over the 8 week period, our Online Cheerleaders will gain sense of unity, connection, and expression as a team, which is so important for children right now. So let’s grab our pom poms and show our spirit!

All classes are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time.
Class Options: 

Wednesdays     3:30pm-4:30pm (PST)     Ms. Cynthia

Do you have rock and roll dreams? Here’s your chance to become a real guitar hero and play the acoustic or electric guitar! Whether you’ve ever picked up a guitar or if you already have mad skills, our group guitar class is designed to work with each student at their own skill level. Learn the basics of chords, tabs, picking, strumming, and music theory – the first steps into the musical journey of a lifetime. Perform Rock, Pop, Blues & Classical, and even experience the gratification of the creative process by learning how to write and perform an original song. We support our guitar students and promote their advancement with sessions offered all year long giving each PAW student the chance to progress, learn the finer points and gain mastery of their instrument.

Make your mark on the music scene by starting with home concerts for your family to enjoy! You never know where the journey could take you. Just imagine, someday playing your guitar at the Hollywood Bowl, scoring a live production of a famous American musical or playing in a rock band at the House of Blues! Students must provide their own acoustic or electric guitar.

All classes are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time.
Class Options: 

Wednesdays     4:30pm-5:30pm (PST)     Mr. Kelvin

Kids are beaming with creativity and ideas! In our Songwriting class, they will learn how to channel that energy to create songs expressing their thoughts and feelings. Our songwriters will learn music appreciation and theory and will fuse that with storytelling to create original works of art. In PAW’s Songwriting class, they will learn the fundamentals of what goes into a song, how to structure a song, song ideas and inspiration, coming up with the lyrics, editing and re-writing, and creating a melody. In addition to walking away with their own original songs, students will develop critical thinking skills, Language Arts skills, creativity and creative writing skills that will benefit them in school and beyond! Songwriting is an incredible creative outlet that empowers kids to express themselves and connects them with others no matter where they may be!

All classes are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time.
Class Options: 

Fridays           3:00pm-4:00pm  (PST)     Ms. Haley

In Musical Theater, songs aren’t just meant to be sung – they’re meant to be performed! Come join us for an adventure in History & Hip Hop and learn to perform your favorite songs from the hit show! Students will learn the fundamentals of voice, speech and diction, and further hone their skills as they are immersed in the finer points of the singers craft – how to “act” a song, phrasing, pitch, breath control, posture, movement, and song interpretation are just some of the skills our young singers will walk away with. So warm up those voices and contribute your verse. The virtual stage awaits!

All classes are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time.
Class Options: 

Thursdays           3:00pm-4:00pm  (PST)     Ms. Haley

Should children be allowed to have cell phones in schools?  Should wearing helmets be mandatory when bike riding? Are video games beneficial or harmful? Which is better: the Harry Potter books or movies? These are just some of the issues and questions that kids ponder every day.  You have an opinion, but how do you prove that your opinion is the better opinion?  Working off of a foundation of voice, speech, and diction, we use debate and group discussions to teach students the art of organizing and articulating ideas, structuring and supporting arguments, listening and countering, and more, in a fun, safe, and non-competitive environment.  In this After School Debate Club via Zoom, kids will delve into a world of wordcraft where they will learn how to find their voice, empower themselves, and begin a life-long exploration of the majesty and wonder of words and ideas.

We are partnering with Project LEAD to give students the tools to deal with peer-pressure, develop empathy, constructive dialogue, civic-mindedness, self-confidence, public speaking skills, build a powerful vocabulary, an appreciation for words and ideas and learn the finer points of language arts.  Words and ideas can change the world!

All classes are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time.
Class Options: 

Thursdays          3:00pm-4:00pm (PST)     Ms. Shaindi

Is protecting wildlife important? Is access to clean water a right or a privilege? Is it more ethical to adopt or shop for your pet? Our After School Debate Team is an in-depth experience that equips kids to share their perspectives and debate with confidence, empathy, respect, and conviction. They will learn how to take the information they are absorbing, determine credibility, read between the lines, analyze it, and then learn how to form and express their own opinions. Students will go on a journey through a variety of age-appropriate and relevant debate topics while learning the International Public Debate Association (IPDA) format. With each new IPDA in-class debate, kids ages 11-14 will focus on developing their skills under the following

commondebate categories: delivery, courtesy, appropriate tone, organization, logic, support, cross examination, and refutation. They learn how to structure arguments, find credible evidence, roadmap their points, ask cross examination questions, and consider opposing arguments. Within the Debate Team curriculum, students learn the basics of competitive debate and scoring by participating in in-class debates with their peers throughout the term. They will also walk away with skills in active listening, collaboration, persuasive writing, public speaking, leadership, critical thinking, and civic mindedness.

We are partnering with Project LEAD to give students the tools to deal with peer-pressure, develop empathy, constructive dialogue, civic-mindedness, self-confidence, public speaking skills, build a powerful vocabulary, an appreciation for words and ideas and learn the finer points of language arts.  Words and ideas can change the world!

All classes are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time.
Class Options: 

Thursdays     4:15pm-5:15pm (PST)     Ms. Shaindi

Bringing your child’s Performing Arts Experience into the comfort and safety of your own home!

Parent Review of PAW’s Online Workshops Authored By: Alana, PAW Mom, Camper Age 10

My daughter Molly has LOVED debate — I think this experience has really given her a taste of ‘speech and debate’ for the future- maybe for middle school and high school! She’s really loved it and it’s been a great option for her. It’s made it difficult for her to choose between voice, acting with Kelly, and speech with Shaindi!

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Parent Review of PAW’s Online Workshops Authored By: Kristine, PAW Mom, Camper Age 8

PAW’s workshops have been a savior for our family this summer. Not having in person workshops seemed like such a barrier to our daughter enjoying her summer break, but PAW was able to make Zoom workshops a success (and gave her parents some time to work). My daughter, Frankie participated in two weeks of workshops in June. She especially loved the Theater Games and Improv workshop with Ms. Kristy.

Ms. Kristy created interesting games and fun activities for the kids. Initially, Frankie was a little shy engaging with other kids through Zoom, but Ms. Kristy’s ice breakers and enthusiasm helped Frankie quickly warm up. By the end of the week, Frankie was eagerly waiting to log on and she loved being assigned an acting role in the mini scenes created by her fellow campers.  After the session was over, Frankie would play some of the games she learned with her family at home.  Thank you PAW for creating this memorable experience!

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SPRING TERM DATES: March 29th – May 21st
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Tuition for a SINGLE 8 Week Course Selection ~ $128
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We offer HALF OFF tuition for the second child when participating on the Same Device and a third sibling may participate on the Same Device for FREE. Our sibling discount in 10% OFF when each child participates on their own device.
An adult must participate in mommy & me classes with children ages 3-5.

An adult must be present in the room while children ages 5-7 participate in classes.

An adult must be present in the home while children ages 8-14 participate in classes.

All course selections have a minimum enrollment of 3 students to run with a class maximum of 18.

All GUITAR course selections have a minimum enrollment of 3 students to run with a class maximum of 10.

Classes are NOT held on National Holidays ~
Is your child part of a School Learning Pod or Micro-School?

Each PAW Workshop allows 3 children to participate together on a SINGLE DEVICE for a group rate of $192

When signing up as an official Learning Pod, one chosen leader will register for the group with a single enrollment and tuition payment. The families in the Pod will independently divide the discount as they manage their group expenses. Given the financial distress so many families are experiencing, it is our pleasure to offer this special savings to educational groups.

It is the mission of PAW to ensure school aged children continue to receive the educational benefits the arts have to offer, to grow as individuals, and, perhaps NOW most importantly, to help discover the joy of learning, on Zoom!
Join a Learning PAWD Today!

Parent Review of PAW’s Online Workshops Authored By: Julieta, PAW Mom, Campers Age 8

I can’t thank you enough, to Sam and to each of Julie’s teachers, Mr. Kelvin, Ms. Kelly and Ms. Natasha. They were really fun and amazing! Julie connected with them in a beautiful way and I can’t thank you enough for all the effort and dedication to the children, who are having to learn and grow up in a very different and challenging way.


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