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If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 310-827-8827.

Please complete the following form and click Submit.

WOW CAMP: $435 per each 1 week session
                        (Check out PAW family discounts listed below)
EXTENDED DAY (where available): $20 per day when paid by the day as needed
                         If paid in advance, Extended Day is reduced to only $15 per day



•    Supervised play & drop off period offered until 8:30am.  Camp begins at 8:45am.

•    Please have your child arrive at camp site no later than 8:35am.
      End of day pick up begins at 3:00pm.

•    Courtesy pick up period is 3:00pm to 3:10pm.  At sites where
      extended day is available - any child left after 3:15 will
      automatically join extended day for a tuition fee of $20 and the
      child must be picked up by 5:00pm.  After 5:00pm a $1 per minute
      supervision fee will apply.  At sites without extended day - any
      child left after 3:30pm will incur a $1 per minute supervision fee. 
•    Please indicate on your application if you are giving permission for
      your child to walk or bike home.

•    In our workshops, rehearsals, events and other camp activities,
      kids may be grouped according to their age and/or individual

•    SNACK & LUNCH – Children must bring a snack for mid morning
      break and a sack lunch containing non-perishable food.  We do not
      provide refrigeration or beverages.

Manhattan Beach
American Martyrs Church   Week 9 is available.
624 15th Street, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266   (In Auditorium)
Doors open at 8:00am for drop-off & supervised playtime
Camp Hours: 8:45am to 3:00pm - playtime & pick up until 3:30pm
Extended day is not available


Redondo Beach
Temple Menorah    Week 7 is available.
1101 Camino Real, Redondo Beach, CA  90277   (In Auditorium)
Doors open at 8:00am for drop-off & supervised playtime
Camp Hours: 8:45am to 3:00pm - Extended day is available until 5:00pm


West LA
St. Andrew's Community Center   Week 8 is available.
11555 National Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064   (In Community Room)
Doors open at 8:00am for drop-off & supervised playtime
Camp Hours: 8:45am to 3:00pm - Extended day is available until 5:00pm



I have read, understand and agree to the information regarding dates, rules and company policies:
Child's Last Name
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 Adult for emergency use only - - when a parent/guardian cannot be reached. *REQUIRED
1. All registration, camp hours, attendance, casting and refund policies.
2. I understand the campers will range in ages 8-14, and on a first come first serve basis.
    PAW reserves the right to offer only 12 spaces per session, per  camp site.
3. Allow PAW to use their selected nurse, physician or call 911 in the event of an
    emergency and I cannot be reached.  I must disclose to PAW any special needs or
    allergies my child may have and agree to provide arrangements as required by PAW.
     Failure to do so may result in the termination of camp participation and/or removal. 
4. Allow my child to participate in any promotional pictures from the camp.
5. Cancellation of any session has a $95.00 non-refundable registration fee.
6. Deadline for refund requests is June 1st, 2018
7. I understand there are no cash refunds if my child is absent due to illness, withdraws
    early or is removed from camp due to behavior or discipline problems.
8. PAW reserves the right to substitute activities as necessary.
9. Space is limited - register early to ensure a spot.  A child may join a session after it has
    begun if space is available.  Parents can call the PAW office to confirm availability when
    signing up on or after the start date of a session or speak with the on-site camp director.  
    PAW reserves the right to cancel a camp session if the enrollment is insufficient.  In the
    event of a cancelled session, PAW will refund in full or apply tuition to another session.
10. On behalf of my child and for myself, I knowingly assume all risks arising from 
    participation in activities related to camp programming.  I certify that I have legal authority
    to sign this release/waiver of liability, and sign it without duress or coercion.
Ordering a shirt is optional.
$15 with application.
$20 at camp.
$75 for 1 week session

Tuition Is Due With Application
Spaces are not reserved without Tuition!
(Signatures may be required)

To select more than one option. Hold CTRL key down and select.

Only ONE discount, gift certificate or coupon may be applied per registration.
The amount will be deducted from your tuition when PAW manually processes your credit card.


Power of Persuasion
Wordplay and Vocabulary Building
 Voice / Speech / Art of Public Speaking
 Opinion & Reason / Pros & Cons
 Agree to Disagree
(Open-mindedness, Empathy and Respect)
 Theory / Critical Thinking / Problem Solving
 Rebuttal ~ Or, Yes But…
 Debate Structure / Procedure / Strategy
 Debate of the Day
 Round Table Discussions

PRESS PLAY and watch a day in the life of our PAW campers.
Part Art...Part Play...ALL FUN!



Week 1:
Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 5:
Week 6:
Week 7:
Week 8:
Week 9:
Week 10:

JUNE 18 - JUNE 22
JUNE 25 - JUNE 29 

JULY 9 - JULY 13
JULY 16 - JULY 20
JULY 23 - JULY 27
JULY 30 - AUG 3
AUG 6 - AUG 10
AUG 13 - AUG 17
AUG 20 - AUG 24

                 Debate Camp


Who’s the greatest superhero – Batman or Superman?
Are school uniforms a good idea or a bad idea? Are video games beneficial or harmful to you?
You may have an opinion, but how do you prove it? Do you wish you had the power of persuasion? Then don’t raise your voice, make your case!

PAW’s World of Wordcraft Debate Camp will give students the tools for developing self-confidence, public speaking skills, building a powerful vocabulary, and learning the finer points of language arts.

Some of the many learning outcomes students will take away from CAMP WOW include: further developing critical thinking skills, learning how to discern and adjudicate multiple sides of any topic, organizing and articulating ideas, developing listening skills, and learning how to debate without arguing in a fun, safe, and non-competitive environment.

In PAW's Camp WOW, learning debate and language arts gives students the tools with which to develop empathy, constructive dialogue, civic-mindedness, deal with peer-pressure, and engenders in young people a deep and abiding appreciation for words and ideas.

Debate and the language arts are NOT about dry academics. It is a living, breathing, ACTIVE pursuit, facilitated by dynamic instructors who encourage students to challenge themselves and grow. Working off a foundation of voice, speech and diction, PAW's CAMP WOW uses games, hands-on activities, questions and answers, age appropriate topics, and positive engagement to teach kids the fundamentals and finer points of debate.

Debate does for our minds what the gym does for our bodies. It is imperative that people – especially at an early age – learn to think critically about what they see and hear, ask questions, engage others, and express their ideas in a thoughtful, meaningful way. Debate is a crucial life skill; it is how we deliberate upon the world around us, challenge differing opinions thoughtfully, and get involved in our communities.

Seeking truth and progress is a life-long pursuit. Let PAW's Camp WOW be your first step into the journey of lifetime!

"The important thing is to
never stop questioning."

                  Albert Einstein



"Words and Ideas Can Change The World."
                                          Robin Williams

It is better to debate a question without settling it
than to settle a question without debating it.”

                                                       Joseph Joubert

 •   We at Performing Arts Workshops work to provide a non-competitive,
      nurturing and fun environment for our campers.
•    Debate Camp is open to children ages 9-15. Children are enrolled in
      camp on a first come, first served basis.  Camp maximum: 12 students
      per site per session.
•    PAW instructors will draw from a list of approved age-appropriate topics 
      for the children to debate.  No political or religious topics will be 
      presented at any time. 
•    Students will conduct whole-class discussions of topics and explore all
      sides of an issue, then placed into team groups and assigned a side of 
      the topic to defend.
•    Debate topics will close with each student having the opportunity to
      discuss their opinions on the topic and if after the debate if their opinion
      has gotten stronger and why or if after the debate their opinion has
      changed and why.

“Try to find merit in each other’s arguments.”  Frank Sonnenberg


Find YOUR Voice In a PAW Language Arts Camp

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